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Wellbeing can be defined as 'feeling good and functioning well'.

Good wellbeing involves looking after yourself and includes things like:

  • sleep – when we are well rested and refreshed we are much better able to cope with the pressures of life. Read more about this in the 'Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern' article on this page

  • diet – a good healthy diet, rich in nutrients, fills us with vitality and energy. Eating colourful food is a good way to get a good variety of food groups into our diet. Find out more about this from the NHS Choices website

  • exercise – finding out what we enjoy and what suits our level of mobility keeps us more motivated to exercise. The NHS Choices website has ideas on how we can incorporate exercise into our daily life. Trafford Community Leisure Trust has information on what is available locally

  • meet people – wellbeing isn’t just physical, we all need some level of social interaction. If lonliness or isolation is a problem why not try going to a drop in group. There are details about local groups you can get involved in on our Support page

  • keep positive – a positive attitude with a 'can do' approach to life goes a long way to improving our wellbeing. Read more in the 'Keeping a positive attitude' article on this page

  • accept your limitations – it’s exhausting trying to fight against things that are out of our control. Sometimes we need to accept the place we are in and find our peace there. This isn’t about giving up, it’s about learning to live within the confines of a situation that can’t be changed and discovering how to flourish within it

  • manage your stress – low level, prolonged stress or high level short term stress can be really damaging to our health and wellbeing. It often manifests itself in physical illness or emotional problems. Learning how to recognise the warning signs can help us deal with it before it becomes too much of a problem. There are lots of tips in the 'When pressure builds to stress' article on this page

  • make time for yourself – life is busy and pressured at times so finding what we enjoy and making some time to do it is an important part of maintaining good wellbeing

  • get support when you need it – there are lots of organisation that offer help and support, whether it's practical or emotional. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, we all need a bit of assistance from time to time. There are more details on our Support page.


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