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Tips for staying safe and warm this winter

February 28, 2018

The 'beast from the east' is here and is causing disruptions all around the country, if possible stay indoors and stay warm! if you are staying inside, it is important to stay active, so try to not sit still for more than an hour. You could do some gentle exercise or even get on top of some light house work that you have been avoiding!




The most important thing is to try to stay warm, safe and to eat plenty of nutritious foods.

So here are some winter wellbeing tips to help you to say safe and healthy:

•64F (18C) degrees is the ideal
temperature for your bedroom
and 70F (21C) degrees is the ideal

temperature for your living room.

•Eat well: have a least one hot
meal a day and regular hot drinks
throughout the day to keep warm.
Make sure you also eat plenty of
fruit and veg

•Wear several light layers indoors to
keep warm

•Keep your bedroom windows shut
at night

•Reduce slip, trip and fall risks by
removing things like loose rugs

Dealing with frozen pipes
As soon as you discover a frozen pipe,
turn off the water supply using the
main stop top.

Protect everything around the pipe
that appears to be frozen to avoid
damage if it bursts and then open the
tap nearest to the part of the pipe you
think is frozen so the water can flow
through when it has melted.

If you smell gas or detect
a gas leak call the National
Gas Emergency Service
on 0800 111 999!
Keeping your home warm

We recommend setting your timer to
maintain some warmth throughout the
day and night to avoid burst pipes.

During a really frosty period, or if you’re
going away and leaving your property
empty, isolate and drain down external
pipework, outside taps and exposed

Winter Warmth
Take care with heaters, electric
blankets, open fires and stoves.
Never place clothing to dry on electric
heaters and don’t sit too close to them –
your clothes may catch fire.

If you use solid fuel make sure you
have a working carbon monoxide
alarm installed in the room your fire
or stove is in – if you are a tenant your
landlord has a legal duty to install one
for you.

Electric blankets must be inspected
regularly to ensure they are not faulty.
If you see scorch marks on the fabric
or frayed cables don’t use it. Always
follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Switch off electrical sockets when not
in use and never be tempted to
overload sockets.


Help check if you are on the
cheapest energy tariffs – this could
save you over £280 a year

LEAP - Energy Service
The Energy and Money
Saving Service

You may be eligible for a free of charge
service called LEAP (Local Energy Advice
Programme). LEAP can help you to save
money and keep your home warm and
cosy. If you’re eligible, you will get a
free home visit from a friendly, qualified
Home Energy Advisor. LEAP can:

•Install free, simple energy saving
measures which can save the
average household £30 on their
energy bills a year

•Give you day-to-day energy
efficiency hints and tips and ensure
your heating system is set up to
keep you warm and save money

•Arrange a free telephone advice
service to help with benefits, debt
and other money problems

•Refer you for further energy
efficiency improvements, such as
loft insulation or a new boiler
You may be eligible for LEAP if you have
a low income, have a long term illness
or receive benefits such as tax credits or
housing benefit.

To find out if you are eligible for a free
home visit, call 0800 060 7567 (8.45am
till 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) or apply
online at


One Trafford’s operational staff provide
the 24/7 standby service that keeps
the borough’s roads as safe as possible
during icy weather.
For full details of our winter gritting
plans, including how to purchase salt
telephone 03330 035865 or visit


We hope you stay safe and well this winter and if you are one of our patients don't forget the TCC is open 7 days a week 0161 976 2555






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