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An active life

March 1, 2017

The benefits of exercise are well known, however the NHS recommended 150 minutes of activity a week can sometimes feel hard to achieve.

Things like injury, illness, a change in circumstance or lifestyle can knock us back and make exercising feel like an unachievable goal.


The Trafford Co-ordination Centre is keen to help its patients increase their physical activity where possible. With this in mind, the TCC is now working with Trafford Leisure’s “Active Life” scheme which provides the clinical team with a valuable resource to which patients can be referred.

Trafford Leisure has developed a range of specialist classes to help people get back into an active lifestyle, that suits their current level of ability.

Trafford Leisure’s Physical Activity Referral program is specifically aimed at people who have a history of inactivity, or who have been active in the past but due to health reasons, may have become less active. It helps to make physical activity accessible and suitable for people with varying needs.

On receipt of a referral, a member of the Active Living team calls the individual for a no obligation chat, to understand what type of physical activity best suits their needs. This is based on their likes and dislikes and what they want to achieve by becoming more physically active. They specialise in cardiac and cancer rehabilitation, falls prevention and physical activity programs for people who are currently inactive. They also offer:

  • health walks

  • Nordic walking

  • cycling

  • healthy hips and hearts (Chair based exercise)

  • fitness suites

  • swimming

  • exercise classes

  • into sport sessions

In addition to activities run by Trafford Leisure, the Active Living Team also help to signpost people to relevant activities happening in the community, that are delivered by reputable partner organisations.

Trafford Leisure and the Trafford Co-ordination Centre are represented at the Sale Locality Partnership meetings. The current project, called ‘Make Sale Move ‘, looks at how it can encourage local people to be more active. One of the recent success stories of this project was the partnership between Boundary House Medical Practice and City of Trees. They joined forces in January to launch a guided walking group. The response was phenomenal with over 70 people turning up for the first walk!

There are many different ways to get more active, but the key is to find something which you enjoy. Joining a group can help to keep you motivated and has the added benefit of being a great social activity where you meet other like-minded people and work together towards a common goal.

You can find out more about how to increase your physical activity visiting the Trafford Leisure or NHS Choices websites.

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