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Care for all the family

July 27, 2016

Being in hospital is a difficult time for most people, but it is made harder when it highlights that you are no longer able to cope at home. The Trafford

Co-ordination Centre received a referral for a patient in this kind of situation.

The patient was an older lady, Grace*, who was ready to be discharged from hospital but, due to her physical and mental health needs, was unable to return home. The TCC worked with the relevant organisations to find her a suitable place in a care home.


The TCC is concerned, not just for the patient but for those close to them and during a routine comfort call the clinician at the TCC spoke to Grace’s husband of 43 years, George*. He shared how he was missing his wife and was feeling very lonely and withdrawn. Concerned for how George was feeling the clinician put him in touch with a voluntary organisation who invited George to a drop in group where he met up people in similar situations.


To give George further support he is being looked after under the care co-ordination service where he receives regular phone calls from a clinician at the TCC. They help to keep him well and supported at home and are on hand identify any health or social care needs at an early stage. Should George require any further intervention the TCC clinicians are able to get the relevant agency involved in his care.


This story is a beautiful example of how the TCC considers the needs of all the family, not just the patient. They were able to spot the early warning signs of depression and take appropriate action. Grace is now well looked after in the care home and George is supported at home and coming to terms with his new situation.


*names have been changed to protect the patient’s identity



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