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The TCCC has a dedicated team of administrators and clinicians working to provide help and support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The administrators ensure all the referrals to the hospital contain the correct information, then liaise with the patient to book the most suitable appointment. They also help to book patient transport to the hospital, should the person qualify for this. They provide a friendly voice on the end of the phone to help deal with any queries people have around their appointment or transport.


The clinical team come from a variety of nursing backgrounds and are supported by a GP. They are on hand to support patients, with multiple healthcare needs, with regular phone calls. Their expertise allows them to spot any potential problems at an early stage. They are able to mobilise the most appropriate services and intervene at an early stage to help prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital. They are passionate about keeping people safe and supported at home and maintaining a good quality of life.

Who we are

Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre

Our services

Processing referrals


The Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre receives and books referrals to hospitals. The admin team make sure it has all the necessary information on it and the clinical team check that any pre-appointment tests

have been arranged 

Managing discharges


Discharge management helps to support patients who have multiple needs. It aims to discharge them from hospital more efficiently by co-ordinating all the services needed to keep them safe at home. The patient is supported post discharge with regular phone calls from the TCCC clinical team

Co-ordinating care


Care co-ordination is suitable for people who have a wide range of health and/or social care needs that involve multiple agencies to assist in providing their care. The care co-ordination team helps to guide the patient through the maze of appointments and are on hand to intervene at an early stage


The TCCC is a central point of contact which co-ordinates referrals to the hospital, discharges for patients with multiple care needs and on-going care for people who have a lot of health and/or social care needs.

It delivers a streamlined referral process, that aims to get patients to their first appointment at the hospital with all relevant tests and information in place. This helps the first meeting with the consultant to be a decision making appointment, reducing the need for return visits.

For people who have a lot of health care needs, following a stay in hospital, the discharge management part of the service helps to co-ordinate all the services and care they need on leaving hospital. The service extends to care co-ordination for patients with multiple needs, supporting and guiding them through their appointments and linking them with community services when necessary.

The whole ethos of the service is to equip people to manage their healthcare, keep them comfortable at home and offer non-medical options where appropriate.

Care co-ordination helps people who have a wide range of health and/or social care needs including things like:

  • people who take lots of different medicines

  • some older people who are often unwell

  • people with long term health problems

  • people with mental health conditions or learning difficulties

  • people recovering from a stroke or fall.


  • regular phone calls to check you are keeping well

  • contact is made with the relevant professionals if extra support/intervention is required

  • central point of contact for family members if they are worried about any aspect of their relative’s health or social care

  • advice around medication that has been prescribed

  • help with organising and co-ordinating appointments and transport (if you are eligible).



  • extra help can be arranged on your behalf, including things like asking the doctor to visit you, arranging for some extra support or helping you to get involved with a community group

  • there is a nurse at the end of the phone that you or your relatives can contact 5 days a week, Mon - Fri 8.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m. to talk to about any concerns around your care

  • care can be extended to relatives that you may be dependent upon

  • improved quality of life at home as social needs are considered along with healthcare needs

  • risk of admission or re-admission to hospital can be reduced by the nurse spotting problems at an early stage

  • reduction in missed appointments due to reminder service.

Care Co-ordination